What is the travel club ?

Formed in 1995, with the motto of Service, Safety, & Satisfaction.
The travel club is aimed at group travel for those who do not wish to travel on their own, or for those wanting to meet new people and form new friendships.

The travel club now has a membership of over 2000 members, enjoying each others company and meeting new friends.

Travelling to new places, fun mystery days, extended tours Australia wide, and exciting overseas destinations including Africa, Norfolk Island , Yunnan & Canada just to name a few.

Download the 2006/2007 Travel Club Trip List

By paying a membership of $10.00 this entitles members to receive 3 newsletters a year in the mail, giving details of all the coming day trips and extended tours in the next 4 months.

Anyone is welcome to join the travel club, and we will look forward to meeting you.

Call us on 4421 0332 if you would like to join.


What a difference a few years can make...

We have been visiting the school now for over five years, and during this time, many changes have taken place.
With over 305 pupils attending the school now since the new government came into power in 2003, giving free education to every child in Kenya.

The Whatley library built by the travel club in 2002, along with a slow learners room, and a store room for the teachers. These 3 rooms have made a great difference to the school.

Trees have been planted, new desks have been bought so that the children no longer have to sit 3 to a desk. Each year a small group of members travel to Kenya to visit the school giving support, catching up on friendships that have been formed over the years. Taking new goods, balls, etc to the children along with new brooms, buckets, pens, books, and in 2005 new jumpers for the children.

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